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When the Abandonment of Common Sense and Morality Collide

Horrific car wrecks cause odd human behavior to say the least. When these types of accidents occur they generally cause immense loss and tragedy. And if we only hear about them, then we are appropriately overcome with grief and sympathy. However, if we actually have a chance to witness them, then oddly enough we can’t help but stare at the carnage. It’s as if our curiosity suppresses our feelings of compassion and sorrow and all we can do is simply stare. And the more catastrophic the wreck the more we gawk.

That is precisely what we are doing with respect to Bruce Jenner. What we are watching is a catastrophic collision involving the abandonment of common sense coupled with a complete disregard for objective moral standards. First, let’s just look at the simple facts. A once famous very wealthy man, based solely upon his misguided feelings about his gender, has chosen to begin a process to permanently mutilate his body beyond repair, as well as commit to a lifelong pharmaceutical regiment in order maintain his charade. Medically speaking there are no physical health benefits to have these surgeries preformed. Neither medical research nor science is moving forward by what Jenner is doing. No cancer is being removed, no disease is being cured, nothing physically broken is being mended, and Jenner will not be able to conceive or bare children. In fact, the exact opposite is occurring; Jenner will be damaged beyond recognition. And regardless of his physical appearance, his DNA will not be altered—it will always reveal that he is a man. Those are the medical and biological realities, and any third-grader intuitively knows that what he is doing an affront to basic common sense. The only thing that is really happening is that some people are making a lot of money. These are the basic facts.

Now combine this oddity with our society’s complete rejection of the concept of being accountable to a personal God and you get the colossal wreck our culture has become. Our media has all but named Jenner “Person of the Year,” and no one should be surprised if it actually occurs. I’m sure that somewhere in Vegas you can find odds on it. This spectacle coupled with the fact that the English government has allowed Elton John’s gay partner David Furnish to be identified as “mother” on the birth certificate of their “adopted” son reveals that our culture has jettisoned objective moral standards with respect to personal sexuality and gender roles. It is now obvious that we no longer learn about God’s will for sexual morality from the scriptures, instead we learn it from “prophetesses” and “pastors” hosting media outlets such as TMZ and Entertainment Tonight. In other words, the majority who run our media, who actually comprise a small minority within our society, have determined that we should no longer be content with biblical gender roles or even our biological birth-determined genitalia; instead we are now free to do “what is right in our own eyes.” The truly ironic thing is that some who disdain their gender claim that God has made them to feel the way they do; consequently, they are justified in pursuing perverted lifestyles in order to correct nature’s mistake. Some how “the plumbing” that they ostensibly received from God didn’t match what He actually intended for them, and they know this to be true simply by the way they fell about themselves. While professing themselves to be wise they utterly demonstrate that they are fools (Rom 1.22).

Some may suggest, “So what? What’s the problem so long is it doesn’t affect me.” There are 3 real problems with such a mindset. First, our Lord views this type of moral apathy toward abject immorality as offensive. As children of the Light we are told in Ephesians 5.7-11 that when we are confronted with “deeds of darkness” that we are “to expose them” as such. Yes, we are called to tolerate and love sinners; nonetheless, we are never called to tolerate and accept sinful behavior. Ironically, remaining silent and abstaining from publicly identifying immorality as sinful is viewed by some as displaying the virtue of tolerance. Such a practice is not biblical tolerance; nor can it be defended as an act of love. Refusing to identify and warn others of sin and its consequences is the same as turning our backs to the cries of drowning children. In reality we are void of God’s love if abject sinfulness is met with our silence. As the old saying goes, “silence is complicity.”

Secondly, regrettably not only does the media have an immense impact our culture but it also influences our government’s policies and laws. Consequently, given the current trajectory we are on, it will not be long before the state and federal governments mandate that our public schools teach our children to accept as morally equivalents the choices that homosexual people make concerning the creation of “families” or the cosmetic mutilation of their bodies. And lastly, your future tax dollars will subsidize the gender reassignment of others so that they will be able to feel better about themselves and become more “productive members in society.” Some of you may think that will never happen, but the facts bare out that any such confidence is misguided. Our tax dollars currently subsidize Plan Parenthood, which is the nation’s leader in abortions. This being the case what makes anyone doubt that once the medical community broadens the definition of gender misidentification to include simple dissatisfaction with one’s genitalia that a government controlled health care system that is sensitive to the “needs” of the gay community will not begin subsidizing surgeries like Jenner’s? Right now Jenner’s procedures are designated as elective cosmetic surgeries, but someday in a socialized medical heath care system these same procedures will invariably be classified as “legitimate” and necessary surgeries. These surgeries will be normalized because some will think that by having them done they will finally become content with themselves, while those performing them will make a lot of money, and if they involve famous people then right on cue the media will arrive to celebrate their perverted transformation. And most people will just simply stop and stare.

Honesty requires that I admit that a lot of this has been going on for some time, and that the only reason anyone even knows about what Bruce Jenner is now doing is because he was once very famous. In fact, he used to be the face of male athleticism—but not anymore. The real tragedy is not that this has been going on, but that many who claim to be “children of the Light” have responded by simply gawking at the catastrophic wreck our culture is becoming. Moreover, we have deceived ourselves into thinking that our tolerance and silence was and still is in some way a virtuous act driven by love. The fact is that nothing can be further from the truth.


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